Be A “Yes!” Man

Tuesday night, I posted a photo on Facebook. Within minutes, I started getting texts. “You’re there!? I was offered tickets, but I turned them down. I didn’t want to pay.”“Wish I’d gone! My friend offered me tickets, but I have to get up early for work.”“Our friend has a suite and offered us tickets, but we had dinner plans and decided not to go.”

The photo in question was of the final 139-137 scoreboard and the tickets were for Tuesday night’s Lakers-Suns game, a three-OT thriller that was as much fun to watch as any college basketball game of the past few weeks. The guys I was sitting with in press row agreed we could have watched that game all night. (Well, we sort of did.) Instead of one buzzer-beater, we got four!

The next time, I don’t think my friends will pass up tickets–or any opportunity that falls into their lap. You never know what could happen simply by saying yes.



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