Knee Deep: An ACL Journal (Journey)

Six weeks ago, I earned membership in a club I never wanted to join.

The DOB Returns for Rio!

For the past eight years and five Olympics, I’ve written a Daily Olympics Blog — a once-a-day personal journal about what it’s like to cover the Olympics. Like this blog itself, it’s been a way for me to share the stories behind the stories I write while I’m on the clock at ESPN.

Alyssa Will Do It!

Remember Mikey, the kid from the Life cereal commercials who would try anything? Lately, I feel like that kid. Cannondale needs a writer to go on a morning ride with their team: “Alyssa will do it!” ASICS wants editors to test out their new gear by doing two celebrity workouts a day: “Alyssa will do it!” Reebok offers up British boxer Amir Khan for the day, with the caveat that the reporter will do a five-mile hill run and boxing workout with him: “Alyssa will do it!”

Live! From New York … It's ESPN The Magazine!

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to be part of what I think is one of the coolest things we’ve done at ESPN The Magazine. In conjunction with Pop-Up Magazine, we put on ESPN The Magazine the Live Issue at NYU’s Skirball Center for Performing Arts.

The ESPN Mag players and our EIC.

Ladies, All the Ladies

This week, the ASP women’s surf tour is in New South Wales for the Beachley Classic this week, and once again the teens are dominating the event. Last week, my column focused on five of the under-20 women who are upping the game in women’s surfing. Check it out HERE.

Just Dance!

Monday night, I did something I’ve wanted to do for years, something completely frivolous and silly that I’ve been wanting to check off my bucket list but hadn’t found the time to fit into my schedule. I went to a taping of Dancing With the Stars. (With a Terrible Towel in my purse!)

Oh, Mother!

Last weekend, more than 90 inches of snow fell onto California’s Mammoth Mountain, bringing the resort’s total snowfall to a staggering 600+ inches … and I was there to witness it.

Be A "Yes!" Man

Tuesday night, I posted a photo on Facebook. Within minutes, I started getting texts. “You’re there!? I was offered tickets, but I turned them down. I didn’t want to pay.”“Wish I’d gone! My friend offered me tickets, but I have to get up early for work.”“Our friend has a suite and offered us tickets, but we had dinner plans and decided not to go.”

Bet On It!

Ladies, all the ladies ... where are you?

It’s always fun to discover a new subculture of sports, a world I know little about nestled within a world I often think I know too much about. When I find them, I love spending time in them, exploring them, researching their culture and learning their language … all in the name of job research. Last weekend, that happened in the most unlikely of places: Las Vegas.

A Case For Seat Time

To drive or not to drive. Since I moved to California in October 2008, that’s been the question. After nine mostly car-less years in NYC, I tend to lean toward the latter. And since gas prices spiked to a week’s worth of groceries per gallon, I’ve been using my legs, and my bike, more and more. In two and a half car-filled years, I’ve only put 17,000 miles on my VW station wagon, and most of those came by way of weekend trips to San Fran, Mammoth, Vegas, San Diego or Lone Pine.