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Knee Deep: An ACL Journal (Journey)

Six weeks ago, I earned membership in a club I never wanted to join. To be honest, I can’t think of a club I’ve ever wanted to join. Maybe it’s a side-effect of a lifetime spent participating in team sports. But when a friend mentions joining a “running club” or a “surfing meet-up,” I balk…

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The DOB Returns for Rio!

For the past eight years and five Olympics, I’ve written a Daily Olympics Blog — a once-a-day personal journal about what it’s like to cover the Olympics. Like this blog itself, it’s been a way for me to share the stories behind the stories I write while I’m on the clock at ESPN. I started…

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Just Dance!

This week, I did something completely frivolous and silly that I’ve been wanting to do for years. I went to a taping of Dancing With the Stars. (With a Terrible Towel in my purse!)

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Oh, Mother!

Last weekend, more than 90 inches of snow fell onto California’s Mammoth Mountain … and I was there to witness it.

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Be A “Yes!” Man

Tuesday night, I posted a photo on Facebook. Within minutes, I started getting texts … from friends who had passed up tickets to that night’s Lakers game. Let’s just say they’ll never do that again.

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Bet On It!

It’s always fun to discover a new subculture of sports, a world I know little about nestled within a world I often think I know too much about. Last weekend, that happened in the most unlikely of places: Las Vegas.

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