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About Alyssa

An intrepid reporter whose assignments have guided her to six continents, seven Olympics and into the minds of some of the greatest athletes and high performers in the world, Alyssa has committed countless acts of adventure in pursuit of a story. Whether with a microphone in her hand or poised at the keys of her laptop, she's a curious interviewer and passionate storyteller who’s driven by a deep desire to connect, explore, document and share.

Featured Articles

  • Road To 23: The Story of Serena Williams' Path to Greatness

    Alyssa spent more than a year interviewing those closest to Williams, from her mother and sisters to her coaches and competitors, for this oral history of the greatest competitor in tennis. READ MORE

  • After the Seven Summits

    A group of Nepali women first defied the odds by summiting Mount Everest, then the tallest mountain on every other continent. In the spring of 2015, they faced their greatest challenge: rebuilding their country after two devastating earthquakes. ESPN The Magazine. READ MORE

  • Gus Kenworthy’s Next Bold Move

    In this October 2015 ESPN The Magazine cover story, Kenworthy, an Olympic silver medalist and world champion freeskier, shared his truth with the world. With his words – “I’m gay,” he became the first out action sports athlete and, at the time, the only openly gay professional athlete in the U.S. READ MORE

About The Big Jump

Travis Pastrana, the most celebrated freestyle motocross rider in the world, knows no bounds. In 1999 he celebrated his first X Games gold by launching his bike into San Francisco Bay. Three years later, he rode straight into the Grand Canyon. On purpose.