Back in the City

After a little more than five weeks, I am back in New York City. Just in time for the start of the college and NFL football seasons and the U.S. Open here in NYC. But I still can’t stop thinking about the Olympics. Probably because that’s what everyone is asking me about. They want to know, “What was your favorite moment? Favorite event? Favorite part of Beijing?” (My answers: Watching the 100- and 200-meter finals, and the 100-meter press conference; the men’s indoor volleyball final; the people.)

During the week I spent in Shanghai, the Olympics was the topic of every dinner conversation. Folks who grew up in China wanted to know what I thought about their country, their covering of the Olympics and the Games themselves. They told me stories about how they heard little negative coverage of the Games through the Chinese media (what murder?) and how Liu Xian’s house was vandalized after he withdrew from the Games with an injury. In China, these Games were more than mere games. Folks from the States wanted to know what events I attended and if I had any athlete gossip. (Of course I did!)

But most of all, they just wanted to talk about the Games. As did I. Because we all know that very soon talk of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt and Chinese gymnasts will fade as the sports conversation turns to MLB playoffs and the BCS. And it won’t return for another four years.

In the meantime, we have Vancouver to look forward to.

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