Nice To Meet You, Too!

So, my friend Lisa is here in Beijing writing stories for th IOC website. Most of the stuff she is doing is behind-the-scenes reporting. She helped author the athlete handbook and was taken behind the walls of the athlete village. But the only people reading many of the cool stories she’s written are folks at the IOC. So when she asked if she could interview me for a little profile on a journalist covering the Games, I agreed. Although I hate being on the receiving end of an interview. I figured a few in-house people would see it, I could send a link to my friends (and post it here) and maybe a few more members of the IOC would know my name the next time I called to ask a question.

So when Brian from SI walked up to me in the media room after gymnastics today asking why I was all over the IOC website, I couldn’t help but break out in giggles. Oh, yes. The top story on, the site all these fancy members of the international media turn to for up-to-the-second Olympics news, for most of the day today (Friday) was a story called “Nice to Meet You, Alyssa!”


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