The World’s Fastest Interview

Today, I set up possibly the coolest interview I will do this year. It takes place on August 17, in Beijing, about an hour before the final race of the men’s 100-meters. The 100 meters is, without a doubt, my favorite single event in sports. It is definitely my favorite 10 seconds. There is nothing quite like watching the fastest men in the world scream past you at seemingly inhuman speeds as you stand, motionless and speechless, on the sideline. I am certain this race—and this interview—will be two of my favorite memories of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

So, back to that interview. I got a call this morning, offering me a spot in an hour-long, one-on-one press session with Tyson Gay, one hour before the final. Sure, sure. I know what you’re thinking: He has to make it to the final in order for this to mean anything. And he has a bum hamstring. Well, I’m not worried. He’ll be there. He’ll be healed. And he’ll be fast. So, without hesitation, I said, “Yes.”

“Great,” his press agent said. “You get the final spot. You’ll be his last interview.” His last interview. I will be the last media person Tyson Gay speaks to before he lines up at the start.

I hope, in those 10 minutes, I’m not quite so speechless.

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