Guest Blog: Eric’s Eats!

In what just may become your new favorite feature (It’s mine already!), my friend Eric Adelson fills in this blog’s most glaring, gaping, Dunkin Donut-sized hole: the lack of discussion of great food. Here, in his first installment, EA Sports satiates his sweet tooth …

[Fellow guest blogger’s note: “Eric is the size of a paper clip. People should know that before reading.” – Lindsay Berra]

No blog is for everyone. Visitors to Alyssa’s site see her as a “journalist,” “author,” and “adventurer.” But what about “irresponsible eater”? No such luck. Photos show an active person on a trapeze, or skydiving, but never with powdered sugar on her face or on her way to a lipo treatment. So what if a reader wants to travel the world and see mountains and extreme sights while also eating like a boar? Well, my friend, that’s why I’m here. (Ever notice Sen. John McCain says “my friend” when he means “subspecies whom I despise”?)

I go to some of the same places Alyssa goes, but the only risk I take is ignoring the food inspection reports. Also I’m usually on my own, so no one comments on my Neanderthal comsumption habits. So come with me as we sample the most delicious, lardiest, carbalicioius treats in the world!

Our first stop is Vancouver, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. On the way to Whistler, I stopped downtown on a street called Denman (I think) at Original Cupcakes. Step into a wonderland of frosting and absorb the aroma of temptation. Both of the workers behind the counter are quite lovely, though on second glance it seems only one is a girl. No matter. Choose among several different kinds of cupcakes, but make sure to choose the Caramella flavor. (Don’t like caramel? Get lost. No blog is for everyone.) This is a chocolate cupcake filled with caramel and topped with caramel butter and sprinkled with praline. It’ll cost you $2.50 Canadian, or (roughly) $17.89 American. But they take AmEx! I decided not to take a box or even a wax paper—let’s stay green, people—and instead grabbed the cupcake, stepped outside the door and ate it in three bites, with crumbs cascading down my white button-down shirt. That’s what dry cleaning is for! I never made it to Whistler and never really intended to go there in the first place, but I had more fun than people who did.

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