D19: The Countdown Begins

It. Is. Friday. Not Flashback Friday. Not Follow Friday. It’s going home in three days Friday!

In many ways, it’s been an incredible Olympics and easier than I expected. In many ways, it’s been an exhausting Olympics that has been about as much work packed into three weeks as I can remember in this gig.

I got to sleep again this morning around 5 a.m. after writing off of women’s ski pipe last night, had lunch with my friend Nicole, and then wrote a preview feature on Justin Reiter, the lone member of our alpine snowboard team who, while wearing the same uniform as the rest of Team USA, is essentially in Sochi competing on his own and without support. He races tomorrow morning in parallel slalom. You can read that piece HERE.

Then I took the train to Adler to watch the USA-Canada hockey game at USA house. Really, though, it was as much about the fact that they have the best food in Sochi as watching the game. It was a really fun time and at midnight as they were closing the house and scooting us all on our way, I turned … 29 again, of course!

Tomorrow, I am sleeping in. Happy Birthday to me!

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