D2: How’s the Housing?

It’s the number-one question I’ve received from my colleagues here on the ground in Sochi and from friends and family back at home. How’s your housing? Do you have hot water? Towels? Pillows? Giant, gaping holes in your bathroom walls? Stray, dying dogs littering your lobby?

My answer: I’m lucky.

I packed for this trip as if I were going trekking in Nepal. PI brought a sleeping bag, blanket, towel, pillow and toiletries as if there would be no stores, or soap, in this town.

I read the same stories you all did and braced to take a cold shower once a week. Some of my ESPN colleagues experienced much of the above: no hot water, holes in hotel room walls, construction workers in their rooms (working shoeless so as to not wreck the carpeting), doors that wouldn’t lock. Brian Cazaneuve from SI told me a handful of stories about his room in Adler, the most memorable happening on the first morning. That’s when he learned his room locked from the OUTSIDE and he had to climb out a window to go to work.

Like I said, I’m lucky. My hotel in the mountains is complete and the room is as nice as any normal European-style hotel room I stayed in during the X Games. I have a 10-minute walk to the press center and a 20-minute ride to the snow/ski venue. I’m another hour and change from the city, or as we call it in Olympic ease, the coastal cluster.

It’s weirdly quiet up here and I have no idea who will fill the massive stands. But events start in the morning with m/w snowboard slopestyle qualifiers at 10 am. So I need to get some sleep.

If anyone needs one, I have extra pillows.

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