D19: 100 Days ‘Til Sochi

Today officially marks 100 days until Opening Ceremonies at the Sochi Olympics. And to celebrate, the USOC held a sort of mixer with 50 athletes, members of the media, sponsors and fans in Times Square all day today. It opened with a press conference – and a protest by a local human rights group – and closed with a Gavin Degraw concert. I spent the day talking to athletes, working on a dotcom piece and shadowing our magazine photographer, Landon.

A few of my own shots of the day …


The opening day press conference.


When the press conference ended, so, too, did the protest.


I love that Lisa is writing for the USOC now, which means you get to read her stuff, and I get to see her face! And take silly photos like this.


Kelly and her entourage … Photo by Landon Norman

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