D16-18: Weekends Free

This, my golfing friends, is what they call taking a Mulligan. [Where does that term come from, anyway? THIS is what the USGA Museum has to say about it.] This weekend was spent unpacking, re-packing, writing and catching up with friends in the little time in between. Needless to say: I wrote zero blogs.

Today, I arrived in New York City for the 100 days to Sochi celebration being held tomorrow in Times Square. Around 50 athletes are here doing demonstrations, interviews, the Today Show and drumming up interest in the Games.

I’m on my way out to get a first look at the U.S. freeski uniforms, designed and produced by The North Face for the newest Olympic sports — halfpipe and slopestyle skiing and skier cross.

Tomorrow, the festivities — and the countdown — begin.

Update: check out the uniforms HERE.

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