D14: Watching Me

Back in LA!

I’m sitting at home writing this entry while watching the show I’ve been working on for the past month with the X Games producers, the first hourlong show I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of (and my first hosting gig), The World of X Games ski preview show. I rarely watch myself on TV, but I know it’s an important tool if I want to get better, which I do desperately. But It is very strange to watch myself. I try to watch as if I’m watching someone else, but I can’t decide if I’m being so critical because it’s me, or if I’d be equally critical of the girl on my TV if she wasn’t me. I think it’s somewhere in the middle.

I don’t look like that. I don’t sound like that. I don’t hold my hands like that. That isn’t how I did my hair that day! I swear I was wearing makeup. I sound like I’m reading. I look tired. I … 

… I hope I’m learning something by watching this! And I hope I’m improving. The next show – The World of X Games snowboard preview show – airs next month. It’s been an incredible year and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and how many experiences I’ve had — and how many of them have taken place on television. I’ve learned to write for TV and how to interview for TV and so so much about how a show is put together.

And one thing I’ve learned watching tonight: makeup or not, lighting is everything!

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