D13: Looking Back to Look Ahead

Yesterday, I was in Pittsburgh.

Today, I’m in Park City.

Not a bad city swap, if you ask me.

I’m here filming an interview with boardercross racer Lindsey Jacobellis for our upcoming World of X snowboard show, which airs next month. I think it will be the best piece in the one-hour show. Lindsey is coming off an ACL tear that required two surgeries and two years of rehab, and is heading into her third Olympics. She’s put Torino and Vancouver behind her and is as happy and having as much fun snowboarding as she’s ever had, and is in a really inspiring place in her life.

I won’t give away the interview, but the perspective Jacobellis has on the past eight years of her life is really worth tuning in to hear. She was 18 years old in Torino, when she crashed near the bottom of the course and watched the gold medal slip away. Now, looking back, that moment doesn’t define who she is in a negative manner. Instead, she credits that silver medal with keeping her in the sport.

“If I had won gold in Torino, I would have cashed out, quit the sport and gone surfing.” The pressure leading into those Olympics was too much and had she won, she would have left the sport of boardercross. It’s hard to imagine where the sport, especially on the women’s side, would be right now had she done that. And I think it’s hard for Lindsey to imagine her life without the experiences of the past eight years. But she didn’t quit. Instead, she stuck around, became the winningest racer in history and is still here, still searching for her first Olympic gold.

She gets her next shot in three-and-a-half months.

Tearing up the past ...

Tearing up the past …










... and ready to tear it up in Sochi.

… and ready to tear it up in Sochi.

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