London 2012, Day 19 – London

Shhh … Don’t tell anyone, but this morning, I SLEPT IN! I had a long list of things I was “going to do” this a.m., like work out, go for a run, check out the Olympic store to buy souvenirs (I haven’t braved that zoo yet) … but instead, I slept in, made tea and lounged around the condo.

Lunch! We practically had the whole place to ourselves!

Today is our video producer Lindsay’s 30th birthday, so we all met up at Wahaca, this little Mexican restaurant in Canary Wharf and celebrated her birthday with tacos and beers. It was nice to see so many of my co-workers in one place, since we really don’t see each other in person very often. Most of the time, we communicate via Twitter, e-mail and text. It was nice to put the phones away and talk in person. Imagine that!

After lunch, I headed over to the MPC for a press conference with the USOC and a few members of our Olympic team. I decided that for my last story, I would write about 400 runner Bryshon Nellum, who was selected by the U.S. team to carry the flag during Opening Ceremonies. I thought I would be able to track him down today, but after several unsuccessful hours, I realized that was not going to happen. But thanks to a wonderful USC SID (Nellum runs at USC) who answered his phone on a Saturday afternoon, I found a fantastic story. I will finish writing it in the morning and will post it then!

I borrowed Lindsay’s birthday crown.

Today, we all took some time to write up one of our favorite moments from the Games. This also ran as a short video segment on SportsCenter, but you can check out the printed version HERE.

After I finished up my interviews, I headed over to North Greenwich Arena with Jackie to watched the gold medal women’s basketball game between the U.S and France. It was my first basketball game of the Olympics and, not surprisingly, the U.S. dominated and won their fifth-straight gold medal. The women are kicking butt here in London!

The birthday girl!

Post-game, celebrating their gold medals!




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