London 2012, Day 18 – London

TGIF! F! F? I thought yesterday was Friday! Or tomorrow. Doesn’t matter. It’s Friday. That means something in the rest of the world. Here, it means very little, aside from the fact that I would be waking up at 8 am to work out with some friends from Nike and covering BMX.

A Nike workout meets EPCOT Center.

My alarm came waaay too early this morning, but I was so excited to get in a good workout and see my friend Megan from Nike that I didn’t mind the lack of sleep. And, of course, Jackie – who has more energy than I do! – was up even before I was. We met up at the Nike athlete house and then drove to this beautiful park in southwest London and worked out with two of Nike’s pro trainers. Then we learned about some of their new technology and chatted with a few fashion journalists they’d flown over from the States. It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine that showed up yesterday.

I watched BMX with my friend John. We miss you, Lisa (and little London!)!

When I got back, I showered, changed and then hoofed it 45 minutes to the BMX venue. What a gorgeous track. Our BMX team is young and didn’t have the Olympics they were hoping for, but they all left smiling and looking forward to 2016. You can read my coverage of the sophomore Olympic BMX competition HERE.


Who’s not working!? Me!

After BMX, I turned in my story and then met back up with Jackie and Megan at Olympic Stadium to relax, have a beer and watch track & field from the stands. I saw the U.S. women break the world record in the 4 x 100; I watched the semis of the men’s 4 x 400 and I got to see Oscar Pistorius run in person. I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to see him run, but thanks to Megan, I did. Such a fun, relaxing night!

After track, Jackie and I took a cab to central London for a real meal and ate dinner at this fantastic Turkish restaurant. Then we met up with some of our colleagues at the ESPN makeshift HQ here in London and had drinks on the rooftop bar overlooking Olympic Park. All in all, a pretty awesome day.

Now I need some sleep! Only two more days to go!

Bye, Olympic Park! I’ll miss you!

Carmelita Jeter crossing the finish line in the 4 x 100 … I even got her pointing at the clock showing the new WR!






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