London 2012, Day 16 – London

Today was an off-day for women’s soccer and the team’s first full day in London. So, U.S. women’s soccer team, you’re finally in London. What are you going to do?!

Why hold a press conference, of course!

So much for the handful of us who’ve been covering the team. Today, there were at least 200 members of the international press the press conferences for the Japan and U.S. teams. The conference really helped to put the game into perspective and illustrated how much respect these teams have for one another. You can read my story on the friendly rivalry between the two best teams in the world HERE.


Walking over the Tower Bridge. I’ll let the 1,000 words cover this one …

After I turned in my story, I booked it down to the Tower Bridge area to visit the Oakley Safehouse at the London Design Museum, where athletes (and lucky journalists) can hang out, eat BBQ, drink wine, watch events, design custom shades and stock up on candy. It was so nice to visit with friends, watch events on a giant screen and relax.

Tonight was also my first chance to see the rings on the Tower Bridge, which I walked over at the end of the night. What a nice pick-me-up!


The view from the patio at the Oakley house. Not a bad place for a BBQ.

Also, this morning, the piece on the team aired on Good Morning America. The same day my Niece, Karlee, had her last first day of high school, I made my first appearance on a morning program. 🙂 You can watch it HERE.


I love the iconic red telephone booths and double-decker buses all over London. These, at the Oakley house, are signed by their athletes.

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