A Second Perspective

Since I have my own blog and all, I got to write my version of last weekend and post it here for all three of you to read. So, yesterday, my dad sent me something he wrote up: His take on our weekend in Montclair. I guess I got the writing bug from somewhere. 


Sooo … how was your weekend. Whatcha do?

Usually the answer is a simple choice of nothing, not much, or I worked my ass off.

But this week I had a somewhat different experience.

I was asked if I would like to take time off from my extremely busy schedule to travel out of state and spend some time with an aging but vibrant World War II veteran who was related to a friend.  Help him to celebrate his birthday.  Maybe take in a ball game and meet some of his friends.

Being the kind of guy I am I could not say no.  I wouldn’t feel right.  Who knows it might put me in the running for Cape Coral man of the year.  Or maybe not.

Everything I said was completely true, but not exactly complete.  Actually, I received a weekend itinerary and jetBlue ticket from my daughter, Alyssa, for a flight to Newark.  Thursday evening after a great dinner, I found myself along with Alyssa, her best friend Lindsay, Lindsay’s father Larry and grandfather the veteran watching a baseball game and talking about the Yankees. Actually I was listening, because he seems to think he knows a lot about baseball.  He does …

Holy crap, I’m sitting in the living room of Yogi Friggin Berra.  The man with more rings and more wins than anyone in the history of baseball.  Checking out the award plaques, trays and bowls that don’t fit in the Museum or that Carmen might need for dying Easter eggs.  What a great moment.  And thanks to Lindsay, Larry and Yogi, I felt at home.

Friday we visited our Uncle Dave who is undergoing chemotherapy for bone cancer.  Later in the day we hit an estate sale and attended a cookout with more friends.

Saturday it was off to the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center for a tour, more time with Yogi, and a trip to the new Yankee Stadium for Yogi Berra Museum Day on his 87th birthday.

Now for the suite.  Great view behind home plate, lots of food, beautiful day and a great game. The only down side was Carmen was unable to be there, as she is rehabbing from a recent stroke. I had intended to help her finish a bottle of wine.

As for his friends,  I met Dwight Gooden, Mickey Rivers, Gator Guidrey, Jennifer Steinbrenner, Mrs. Sabbattia and who the hell knows who else.

Thanks to Alyssa, Lindsay, Larry and Yogi for a wonderful weekend.  If you have any other interesting codgers in need of a visit, let me know.

Wishing Yogi many more years as THE GREATEST LIVING YANKEE.


  1. Keith Pytlinski on June 21, 2012 at 12:57 am

    Hi Alyssa,
    I tried to contact you via your contact page but the email keeps getting returned via the address you provided. Is it possible you could drop me a quick email? Wanted to discuss this years Red Bull Rampage.


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