London Prep

The London Games are less than three months away. I know I’m excited. And taking lots of naps in preparation.

To help you prepare, we’re featuring a handful of athletes whose names you’ve likely never heard, but whose stories will inspire you to turn on your TV come July 27 (Opening Ceremonies) and keep watching through August 12 (Closing Ceremonies).

We call the feature GAME CHANGERS and you can read about a new athlete each week on But I’ll make it easier for you:

* Current gymnastics World Champion Jordan Wieber believes she can be the first U.S. woman to follow up a world championship with an Olympic all-around title in the same year. READ ABOUT HERE HERE

* BMX Racing hopeful Corben Sharrah (rhymes with Hurrah!) is making his first run at the U.S. Olympic team. READ ABOUT HIM HERE

* Peter Hudnut and the U.S. water polo team return to the Olympics in search of a gold medal. This time around, they won’t settle for silver. READ ABOUT HIM HERE



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