Back-to-Back Hits

There are few things cooler than watching your friends kick ass.

Fortunately, I get to do it a lot.

Amy is in the green dress - always the center of attention.

Three years ago, my friend Amy Unell was a producer at the Today Show and based in Burbank, CA. Then she was offered a fellowship at her alma mater, Duke University, and the opportunity to make a documentary that she’d been dreaming about for years, on the longtime track coach at Duke. So she took leave from work, headed to Durham and one year later, I was in NYC watching a Tribeca Film Festival screening of The Coach Buehler Story.

Thursday night, I went to the premiere of her sophomore film, ’91-’92 Back-to-Back, a film she made equally as quickly with her producing partner Grant Hill, who she met while working on the first film.

The film chronicles those back-to-back championship seasons and Hill’s efforts to reunite the team on their 20th anniversary. It was great. And funny. And I couldn’t be more proud of my friend.

Don’t miss its TV premiere March 11 on Tru TV!

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