Women Like Football. It’s True!

A few weeks ago, Time magazine columnist Joel Stein spent his Sunday morning watching football with the members of the OMG Girls! fantasy football league at Barney’s Beanerie in Westwood (LA). I am a member of the OMG Girls, which was started by my friend and colleague Molly Knight. Most of the girls in the league are her friends from Stanford. Most are 30. Most like playing fantasy because they both love football and love competition. I was just excited to meet a group of girls to watch football with on Sundays and trade smack talk with on the days in between.

Joel came to watch football with us because he was researching an idea planted in his mind by his wife. She believes no women like football. And those who pretend to like football do so only to attract men. And the women who think they like football are subconsciously trying to attract men. When I heard Mrs. Stein’s theory, I was more interested in writing a story about her than having one written about us. I was fascinated that she thinks talking about football is a way to pick up guys. (She has clearly never been a sports writer.)

But Joel’s piece turned out well. It’s weird being on the other side of a magazine article, waiting for it to come out and wondering what the writer is going to say you said. (For the record, yes. I said what he says I said.)

You can check out the story HERE, but you need a Time magazine subscription to read the full piece. Or you can go out and pick up a copy of this week’s Dec. 13 issue. The rest of the magazine isn’t bad, either.


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