It Ain’t Over …

Is it possible? Is summer almost over? I feel like I blinked and the X Games was over, our college football preview issue was hitting shelves and talk in the sports world had turned to the fall football season. How did this happen? I guess it’s true. Time does fly when you’re having fun — and writing about folks who are having way more fun.

If you saw X Games, I don’t need to tell you how drama filled this year’s edition was: the skate vert showdown between Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Shaun White was the best vert contest, and one of the best contests, period, I’ve seen in a long time. Such fun, and what a win by White. He has become a household name because of his personality and hair. But he deserves more credit for his sports accomplishments.

And then there was Travis. I could write a book about the guy–wait! I already did–and what he did this weekend, but it’d be easier to send you to the weekly (and daily, at X) column I’ve been writing about him all summer. It is an honor to tell this guy’s stories, and I’ve never felt that way as much as I did the weekend of summer X. You can read the final installment of Pastranathon HERE. Or check out the entire series HERE.

I had a couple fun stories leading up to X, as well. For our annual Athlete Issue, we fulfilled a few athlete make-a-wishes. Track star Lolo Jones is looking for a boyfriend–aren’t we all?!–and enlisted our help. So, what do you do when one of the fastest hurdlers in the world asks for help finding a man? I took her speed dating, of course! (Neither of us found love in midtown Manhattan.) Check that piece out in its online form HERE.

And now, 25 days until college football season kicks off!



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