A New Weekly Column

Once again, I am writing a weekly action sports column for ESPN.com. Each week, I’ll pick one topic/person/event/newsmaker to profile on ESPN.com/action.

For my first piece, I talked to Travis Pastrana and Michael Waltrip about their new partnership and Pastrana’s foray into NASCAR. You can check that piece out HERE.

I spent Saturday, Dec. 4, at SoCal’s Pala Raceway for the AFMXA amateur nationals and discussed the significance of that event, and of that evening’s second-annual AFMXA Ramp Awards. You can read that story HERE.

In preview of the latest Guy Jumps Over Something on Jan. 1, I talked to snowmobilier and multiple Winter X Games gold medalist Levi LaVallee, who is the latest Red Bull athlete to take part in the annual New Year/No Limits show. LaValee plans to set a world record on his snowmobile, jumping more than 300 feet over the Bay, sans snow, in San Diego. Levi explains his motivation and how exactly he will accomplish this feat HERE.

One of my favorite dotcom pieces I’ve written in a while was THIS ONE, on musicians Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison–two of my faves–and how skateboarding brought them together to form the band Fistful of Mercy. I don’t know that I’ve had that much fun interviewing anyone in a long time.

And a wrap-up of the year in action sports. I wrote the moto pieces.

This week, I wrote a piece on Amy Purdy and Adaptive Action Sports. It’s the holidays. Want to feel good? Read this.

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