Reinventing The Wheel

Monday afternoon, I went to the DC store on Melrose to meet up with co-founder and World Rally Championship driver Ken Block and check out his latest viral video, Gymkhana THREE; Part 2: Ultimate Playground. If you’re not familiar with Block’s Gymkhana videos, they were recently named to Ad Age’s list of Top 10 Viral Video Ads of All Time. What Block does with a car in these videos has changed the way racecar drivers look at their tools of the trade.

Block comes from a skate and snow background. Before he started DC Shoes, he grew up doing both, as well as racing dirtbikes. He looks at his Ford Fiesta and sees a really big, really powerful skateboard–and he treats it as such. The first two videos were neat. But this one, released in two parts, tops them both. I won’t give everything away here. You can read my story for that. And check out the video HERE. It’s worth seven minutes of your time today at lunch.

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