Protecting the Knuckleheads

My story on what it means to be a blacklisted fan is out in the current issue. Check it out. It’s a fun, different read — and it will make you think twice about having that 15th beer at the next game you attend. Read the story, which I like to call Stadium Security and The Knuckleheads, A Love StoryHERE.

Next weekend, I’m flying to NYC for meetings, but kicking off the week by attending the Jets-Pats game at the New Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday. I’m going to meet Bill Squires and his staff — the guys who are featured in the piece — and take a tour of the new stadium, its grounds and the holding cells and police substation they take fans to after they streak the field or throw a punch. (For the record: I will most likely not be doing either of these things.) Looking forward to it.

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