Injuries R Us

I’ve been less than productive the past couple of weeks, especially when it comes to this blog. But I have a reason for that. An excuse, if you will. I couldn’t type! I had shoulder surgery last Monday to fix a few tears in my right shoulder, so I was limited to answering e-mails by typing with my left hand. (Try it. If you’re right handed, it’s very weird.)

But the shoulder’s getting better and I can finally type with both hands for short periods of time. It’ll be another four weeks until I can ditch the sling and then two months until I’m good as (better than) new. In the meantime, I’ll be posting fewer updates than usual.

In the meantime, check out a story I wrote in the last issue of The Magazine on how teams deal with traumatic injuries to their players.

And check out a picture of the inside of my shoulder joint, courtesy of my surgeon, Dr. Bert Mandelbaum. This shot shows the anchors and fancy knots he used to repair a tear in my labrum. [Photo not actual size.]


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