Around The World in (Who Cares?!) Days

The infrequency of my updates this month provides you the perfect opportunity to become obsessed with two of my favorite people: Lisa and John Siner. They are living my dream year right now, and possibly yours, too. If you’ve ever wanted to quit the real world and travel around the world for a year, you can do it vicariously through them. Starting now! (Well, actually, starting last week.)

John, who recently quit his job with the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Swissland, and Lisa, who is a freelance writer, are traveling the globe to gather research for a documentary on what sport means to different cultures around the world. You can follow their blogs, read more about the project and get to know the Siners here. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and, if you ask very nicely, I’ll give you their personal e-mail addresses, Skype names and cell phone numbers.

They posted their first blog entry a few days ago about their experiences in Cairo, Egypt, over the past two weeks, including a visit to the Giza pyramids. Next up: Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

The new baggage charges made it difficult for Lisa and John to take us all with them on their trip (although I am hoping to meet up with them at least once this year), but their website makes it easy for us to follow them from afar. And to wish them lots and lots of luck and safety throughout their journey.

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