Hard-Body Berra Takes on the NHL

Just when I think I get to do all the cool participatory journalism, Lindsay goes and one-ups me. But that’s okay. This time, she also one-upped a few 18-year-old hockey players who are about to enter this year’s draft.

Last week, Lindsay became the first woman ever to take part in the NHL combine. (Not the first female journalist; the first woman. Period.) For the first time, the league opened the combine to three members of the media, and Lindsay was one of the invitees. Check out the video here, on ESPN.com. She did amazingly well as both an athlete and a TV personality. And, she’s helping break the overweight-sausage-eating-watches-sports-from-the-press-box-while-wolfing-down-pizza-and-beer sportswriter stereotype.

Way to go, Linz!

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