Summer Camp!

Last week, I drove out to the Red Bull motocross compound to check out their second of two summer freestyle motocross camps. It’s a new concept: coaches and clinics in action sports. Red Bull is merging mainstream sports ideals with action sports, and they are helping progress the sport and cultivate talented young riders who otherwise would not have access to a training facility or coaching. (I have some great photos from the camp, but I forgot my camera at the Compound. As soon as I have it back – thanks for finding it, guys! – I’ll post a few shots.)

Also, I chatted with snowboarder Shaun White, who is hanging out in SoCal while recovering from an ankle injury. In June, he’s heading down to the Cayman Islands to teach a skateboard camp to local kids. And swim with stingrays. (The camp takes place on June 12.)

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