Super Duper Week

My super Super Bowl week, narrated in my actual Facebook status updates …

Alyssa is going home. For a day.

A one-day break at home in Sunny Storybookland before hopping a flight to Tampa. How’d I spend that day? With Aussie surfer Sally Fitzgibbons. Read about it here.

Alyssa is in Tampa for Super Bowling.

Wednesday evening, I arrived in Tampa … just in time to change and head out to Reggie Bush’s annual par-tay at Venue in St. Petersburg.

Alyssa is flying over Tampa Bay in a sea plane with Reggie Bush. He is not piloting.

Get to sleep at 4 … Get up at 9 … head to a yacht club in Tampa for the announcement of the signing of Red Bull’s first mainstream athlete. Read about that experience here.


Alyssa is making wishes come true. And taking new friends to dinner with Franco.

Thursday night, I took two special new friends, Bob and Janine, to Franco Harris’ “Immaculate Reception” dinner for his charity golf tournament. Franco is a friend, and one of the kindest people I know. It was a magical night, and one I won’t soon forget.


Alyssa is hiding out in her Oldsmar hotel trying to get some work done.

Friday morning, my friend and colleague Stacey and I (my Super roommate) turned off our phones and hid away so I could write and she could avoid the nine millionth person asking her to help get their friend into that night’s ESPN The Magazine party.

Alyssa is Cracker Barrelin’. When in Rome …

Well, we had to leave the room at some point.

Alyssa is taking her Polamalu purse, and her unicorn, and heading to the ESPN NEXT party.

Without a doubt, the best NEXT party of the past few years. Wyclef was great, the celebs/athletes were A-list and we danced til the place shut down. If you ever run into Matt Cassell, ask him to tell you the one about the drunk guy who peed on his leg in the restroom. That really happened.

Alyssa is excited for Super Bowl XLIII. Go Steelers!!!!! Then she is going home and sleeping for a week.

Saturday was a recovery day … luncheon with current, former and soon-to-be NFLers and coaches, an afternoon at the mall and our annual magazine dinner at Ruth’s Chris. Not a lot of sleeping goes on at the Super Bowl. This was a 6 a.m. “night.”

Alyssa is on her way to the Super Bowl!!! Go Steelers!!!

It’s Sunday! The family got here at 2 and we’re on our way. Thanks to my amazing bosses, I was able to take my dad, sister and Brian to their first Super Bowl. Unfortunately, my mom and Karlee were still sick from their trips to Aspen and couldn’t make the trip.

Alyssa just got a hit off of Joba Chamberlain at the ESPN tailgate.

Best tailgate party ever!

Alyssa is at the Super Bowl. Hells yeah!!

Best row ever: me, dad, Mandee, Brian, Neil and Molly. That’s some Steelers support!


Alyssa is celebrating! What a game! What a day!

After one of the most exciting games I’ve watched (and I have quite a list!), my family drove home and I passed out in my clothes and shoes on the hotel bed.

Alyssa was just wondering why her right arm is sore. Then she realized … Terrible Towel elbow!

The next day, I flew home with a sore elbow and a big smile.

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