Hot and Cold

I heart college towns. They just put me in a good mood. Another thing that puts me in a good mood: running stadiums in college towns. Love them! So that was my post-pre-production meeting outing this morning. UT’s stadium was smaller in person than I anticipated, but they have the largest jumbotron in the world. It’s incredible. And the entire north endzone is under construction. They’re adding “about 10,000 new seats”, according to Seth, the softball SID. That will put the stadium close to the 100,000-seat mark.

Today was the UT-Baylor softball game. (Our reason for being in Austin.) US Olympic softball team member Jessica Mendoza also called the game and acted as Michael’s coach. They did a super job, and I’m sure both will be asked back many times. It was neat to see two athletes from very differenet worlds interact. They both had interesting perspectives on the other. Mike said several times that he wished athletes like Jessica were more famous than they are. (Amen!) She does so much non-profit work and is a real role model for young girls. Then he proposed to her on the air.

Now I’m off to Aspen for the Snow Angels Invitational. Much like the contest Travis Rice staged in Jackson Hole, this is a contest organized by a pro snowboarder, Gretchen Bleiler, who saw something missing in her sport and, instead of complaining about it, set out to make a change. This weekend, some of the best female halfpipe riders in the world are here in Aspen for their final contest of the season. They will also get to work with top photographers and videographers as a way to get great shots of them out to the media. And, just like in Jackson Hole, the weather is perfect. Who do these athletes know?

Mike, workin’ the mic …


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