Not Quite Katie

Sometimes, a day in our Mag office is much like it’s portrayed in those SportsCenter commercials. Athletes drop by just to say hi, talk sports and check out the office. Seriously. And lately, I’ve played a large part in turning 19 East 34th into a parade of action-sports and Olymics athletes.

On Tuesday, snowboarder Jamie Anderson dropped by on her way home to Tahoe from the US Open of Snowboarding. And, now that we have a mag website, I’ve learned to look nice for the parade. You never know when your photo is going to end up in the mag (as mine did in this issue, measuring Ted Ligety on our athlete wall of fame) or when they’ll ask you to sit down and channel your inner Katie Couric, as they asked me to do yesterday when Jamie came by. Check it out. I know. Don’t quit my day job.


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