Men’s Fitness article: No Time For Never

My article on San Diego triathlete Matt Bigos is out, in the March issue of Men’s Fitness. Check out a PDF of the story on my ARTICLES page (It’s the top story).

A bit of backstory on Bigos …

Matt, a former motocross racer, was paralyzed in a 2003 car accident. Travis Pastrana was driving the car. This summer, Pastrana gave me a call and asked me to talk to Matt. He said he was doing well and ready to tell his story. I flew to San Diego to meet Matt last August and couldn’t believe what I saw. Not only had he fought his way back to two feet, he was training for the Florida Ironman triathlon in early November. I knew this was a story I had to tell.

I told my editors at MF, when I pitched this story, that the word “inspirational” is thrown around to damn much. It should be reserved for people like Matt. I believe that even more today.

Check out his website HERE.

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