New York Minute?

You know the saying, and the song … a whole heck of a lot happens in a New York minute. As the theory goes, time here in the Big Apple flies by at warp speed. Blink, and Monday is Thursday. Unless, of course, you are me, and it is this week, and I am all too aware that it has been more than 48 hours since I’ve had a snowboard strapped to my feet, seen snow, or scared myself dropping into an area marked with a caution sign. No, Herald Square doesn’t count. It’s close, but …

So to cure my sports fix, I’ve attended a couple Olympics events and chatted up some of our biggest U.S. hopefuls. It got me excited for this summer …

Yesterday, Nike invited about 25 media to their showroom to meet and greet five athletes. While we were there, USA softball team member Jessica Mendoza found out she is the newest president elect of the Women’s Sports Foundation. Interesting selection, since Mendoza will receive a lot of attention this Olympics year. And that’s a good thing for her, and her teammates—softball is fighting for its life. As it stands, the Beijing Olympics will be the last time softball is a part of the Olympic lineup. Unless the IOC votes to reinstate it in 2012.

The Gouchers, Adam and Kara, could be the cutest couple I’ve met in a long time. And an interesting case study. They’re both terrific runners, but she is a lock for Beijing. He is not. She just won the Wanamaker Mile at the MIlrose Games and was the 2007 bronze medalist at 2007 Worlds. He has been plagued by injuries and hasn’t won a major event in several years. Yet he is ultrasupportive. They travel together, and according to their friends, spend every moment together. It was really nice to talk with them about how they manage their relationshp. “In the end, after track is over, we have each other,” Adam said. “That’s what matters.”

Then, today, I stopped by Speedo’s launch of their new LZR RACER competition swimsuit. The “fastest swimsuit ever”. The event was part EPCOT ride, part laser-light show, part special effects spectacular. The presentation was perhaps the most over-the-top launch of a piece of sportswear ever, but entertaining, at least.

At the end, Michael Phelps, Amanda Beard, Katie Hoff, Kate Ziegler, Ryan Lochte, Dara Torres and Natalie Coughlin walked onto stage wearing the suit (which, according to Ziegler, takes 15 minutes to put on—with help). If that’s not inspiration to get my butt to the gym after work, I don’t know what is.

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