Heisman Healing

I thought I was going to cry. I only spent a few days with Dennis Dixon, yet watching him walk off the field with his father Thursday night was heartbreaking. Now, you certainly don’t need to meet Dennis Dixon to understand what a remarkable person he is (Notice I didn’t say player. That’s understood.), but it sure reinforced it for me.

I know Dixon was deeply honest when, while leaving the field late in the fourth quarter, he told ESPN’s Erin Andrews he does not care about the Heisman. Never did. The people who care about Dixon winning the Heisman are his family, friends, fans and coaches—people who know how much he deserves that award. I am one of those people. Dixon may not care about winning the Heisman. But as I watched his leg buckle, I couldn’t help fighting back those three toxic words: “It’s not fair.”

I don’t believe the Heisman should go to Tim Tebow. Nor do I believe it belongs to Darren McFadden or Colt Brennan. All for different reasons. But all, I am sure, are not my first choice. That was Dixon. Now? Who knows. I don’t like to settle. Supporting anyone else would feel like asking my cousin to the prom.

I could go on and on about how I feel about Dennis Dixon. But a piece SI’s Austin Murphy wrote after the game covered a lot of what I was thinking.

If I had a Heisman ballot (which I do not), Dennis Dixon would get my vote.

I don’t think I’m alone.

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