“Captain Zero” Thinks I’m a 10

A couple weeks ago, as the result of a string of random events (and a few additional events orchestrated by me), I ended up at lunch here in NY with one of my favorite authors, Allan Weisbecker: (Cosmic Banditos, In Search of Captain Zero). If you’ve never read him, pick up Zero. Besides being an honest, emotional memoir about a guy who’s lived one hell of a crazy life, Weisbecker’s descriptions of the physical act of riding a wave are the most moving and evocative I’ve read.

Before he left for the day, he signed my copy of Zero and took a copy of The Big Jump, which he asked me to sign. (How freakin’ cool!) He said he’d take it with him on his road trip to Mexico and promised to give it a read. Today, he sent me this e-mail. It is my favorite review of the book:

alyssa, i read most of your book — believe me, the

‘most of’ is not an insult. you held my attention in

spite of my not giving a flying fuck about motorcycles

and the lunatics who ride them. good job. -allan

Be still my heart.


  1. Carol Roenigk on November 5, 2007 at 1:32 pm

    Hey girl, I’m loving keeping up with you and following you as you go. Visited with Aunt Joanne Friday and she hadn’t checked for a couple weeks. Told her she better keep checking. We, Bill and I, enjoyed the one about the NFL head injuries. Bill had just watched a deal on TV about head injuries in the Middle and high schools that are being ignored also. Keep up the good work. Love You. Aunt Carol

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