ASR: “What Comes After Par-S?!”

Today begins a rather odd trip. Okay, it’s got nothing on my last two-weeker: Butte, Montana (Evel Knievel Days) to LA (X Games) to San Diego-San Fran-Denver-Long Island (NFL training camps). But the best part about this trip is that it ends with four days of vacation.

This morning, I’m in San Diego (one of my favorite cities in the contiguous 48) for ASR, or Action Sports Retailer, a twice-a-year industry trade show. And by trade show, I mean tequila-and-micro-brew fueled gathering of industry folks—and an excuse to party. So why am I here? This is, after all, an ESPN-funded Friday. (That, I am asking myself at the moment. I’m sure there are several guys back in NY who would have a much greater appreciation for the overabundance of bare ass walking about the SD Convention Center this morning.) No, I would not like a tequila shot. But thank you … Maybe in a few hours, like at noon.

So, why I’m here … Unlike mainstream sports, there are no action sports teams with media-relations departments or sport organizations to keep us writer-slash-editor folks in the know. Instead, action sports athletes are sponsored by companies like Oakley, Red Bull, Quiksilver, Volcom … and those companies have media-relations departments. And those folks are here this weekend. So today’s a chance to chat, in person, with the people who are actually in the know, catch up with a few friends and see a lot of people who make me smile. (No, I’m not referring to the throngs of thong-clad boppers mentioned earlier.) No, I would not like to tap the keg. But so nice of you to offer.

I’m only in town for one day, and tomorrow I head to Mexico City to check out the first MeX Games. So I need to make the most of the next few hours. Before I leave, I hope to find enough story ideas to fill my fall (or at least a few pages in the mag).

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