Remembering Aug. 5, 1984

Thirty years ago, Joanie Benoit Samuelson won the first Olympic women’s marathon. She did so in a time–2:24:52–that would have won 13 of the previous 20 men’s marathons at the Olympics. Tuesday was the anniversary of her gold-medal performance, and I had the opportunity to emcee an event hosted by Nike honoring Joanie at the LA Coliseum.

Surprise, Surprise!

On the flight home from Russia, caught midway between my much-too-long-awaiting bed and the world I’d lived in for the past three weeks, I started to think about what I would miss most about covering the Olympics. I know. Miss? About covering the Olympics? It would have been easier to think of 10 things I miss most about being a teenager and return to watching the tiny movies playing in the headrest in front of me.

D21: Closing Time

The Closing Ceremony! It’s hard to believe the final day of the Olympics is here. I won’t say the past three weeks flew by, because they very much did not. And I am so glad to be flying home tomorrow — See you Tuesday, Storybookland! — but February has gone by as quickly as any month in the past year. I’ll leave here with some wonderful memories, many sad, discomforting thoughts about the future of these pop-up towns and the people who live in and near them and an interest in returning one day and actually visiting Russia.

D20: Birthday Bobsled


It’s been a magical three weeks … but we are ready to go home!

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was open a card Brittany gave me on my way to the airport. “Do not open it until February 22,” she said. Oh, I wish I hadn’t listened to her! Because inside was a card with a cardboard unicorn – who talks, by the way! – for toting around Russia.

D19: The Countdown Begins

It. Is. Friday. Not Flashback Friday. Not Follow Friday. It’s going home in three days Friday!

In many ways, it’s been an incredible Olympics and easier than I expected. In many ways, it’s been an exhausting Olympics that has been about as much work packed into three weeks as I can remember in this gig.

D18: Celebrate Sarah

It seemed fitting that women’s ski halfpipe was the final freeski contest in the sport’s Olympic debut. It was the event in which Sarah Burke competed and a wonderful way to draw close to the action sports events in Sochi. It was an emotional night.

D17: Day to Day

Every Olympics, I write this post. So I’ll spare you all reading the extended version again. It’s the one about the faceless, nameless “days” we spend covering the Games. No events on Wednesday? That feels like a Saturday. Two events on Sunday? That must be Tuesday. Every year, there comes a point where none of us have any idea what day it is, we all believe it’s a day other than it is and so we answer the  most popular question we receive each day, “What day is today?” inaccurately and perpetuate the problem.

D16: Doubling Up


D15: Adventures in Adler

What a difference a few hours makes. So much for complaining about the blue skies, warm temps and Spring-like weather. Late last night, a thick fog rolled in and made visibility at the mountain venues next to nil. After postponing this morning’s men’s snowboardcross races and canceling qualifiers, organizers made the decision to move the event to tomorrow and hope conditions improve.

D12-14: Weekend Update

Happy Valentine’s Day !! And happy second-to-last weekend of the Olympics. (When you’re here as long as we are, you celebrate little milestones like that.)

I’ve been having a few issues with the blog this weekend, so I’ll just post a few fun pix and links from the past three days. (It is now Sunday night, Sochi time.)