DOB Days 18-21: Answers Only

No two ways around it, I let the DOB slip at the end of the Games. Typically, I write these blogs on buses and in vans and in bed late at night. (I spend an excessive amount of time in two of those three.) Once my computer died, that became tougher to do. I am so thankful for this loaner PC, but its battery only lasts for about 15 minutes until it needs to be plugged into an outlet. It’s like having a cell phone that needs a landline in order to operate. (I guess they call those “home phones.”)

DOB Days 15-17: Go Team!

Last night, one of my colleagues told me a story that disturbed me almost as much as whatever the hell is going on with Ryan Lochte. He was taking a jam-packed, 30-minutes-late bus back to the media center after another late night at track, and he noticed an empty seat. When he tried to sit in the seat, he realized it was occupied by the backpack of the guy who was sitting on the aisle. He asked him to move his bag, but the man didn’t speak English, and apparently didn’t understand the universal sign for, “Dude. Move your freaking backpack so one of the 50 people who are standing on this bus can sit down. Please.” A few other people tried. Then several journalists began snapping the guy’s photo and Tweeting about what a jerk he was. Undeterred, he and his backpack had a cozy hour-long ride back to Olympic Park, unconcerned that they were depriving someone of the chance to end their night on a positive note.

DOB Day 14: Processing It All

A few days ago, I interviewed U.S. field hockey captain Lauren Crandall after her team’s first loss of these Olympics. I asked her if, considering all she’d just told me about how she and her teammates had re-committed themselves to the team — they even relocated the program from Chula Vista, Calif., to Amish Country in Lancaster, Penn, three years ago to simplify their lives and train in the heart of the sport — and how physically and mentally prepared they were for anything, if that preparation extended to a loss. She’d told me her team was “gritty.” Would they have the grit to refocus after losing to Great Britain and take on Germany on Monday.

DOB Day 11-13: About A Blog

DOB Days 11-13: About A Blog

I was doing so well! And then Saturday night, as I sat to write a story on the U.S. women’s field hockey team, my computer went black. No warning, just died. I’m finishing out the Games on a loaner PC – remember those?! – but I’ve lost all my files for now, including the one that holds the password to my website.

DOB Day 10: Questions Only

Today was a long one. I’ve verified this fact by looking at my watch (it’s 3:20 a.m. and I just turned in my final story of the day) and its daily step counter (15,000+, a new Olympic record).

DOB Day 9: Extra! Extra!

Enough rambling from me already, right?! This (Wednesday) evening, I took a few minutes to compile a few of the Brazillion great stories from some of the best writers in the business, all of whom are here in Rio and I am lucky enough to call my colleagues and friends. Read these stories, marvel at the fact that they were written by exhausted humans on deadline in the middle of the night and yet still sing, and then follow this crew on Twitter so you can continue to follow their journeys in Rio. This is but a mosquito-bite-sized taste of their brilliance and only a sampling of the incredible gold-medal journalists working in Rio.

DOB Day 8: The Best Ever

In my 20s, my friends often teased me for a three-word saying they believed I overused. “Is it really, Alyssa?” they’d ask. “Is it really ‘the best ever’?”

Here they come, medals around necks!

Here they come, medals around necks!

DOB Day 7: Righting (Writing?) My Brain

Instead of my typical middle-of-the-night entry, I’m writing this one first thing in the morning (on Tuesday) but still reporting on yesterday’s experience. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I do so. These are late nights … and it takes me a good half hour before bed to get the makeup off my face. Last night, that left zero extra energy for blogging.

DOB Day 6: Sometimes You Eat the Bear …

… Sometimes the bear eats you.

My dad loves that saying, and he’d tell you he was on to it well before Sam Elliott uttered it in a thick cowboy drawl in The Big Lebowski. As a kid, I never quite understood what it meant. I’d never known anyone to eat a bear.

DOB Day 5: Skating Through My Day

I don’t know why I’m so tired tonight. Thinking back over my day … I did an interview, some writing and recorded a video piece. On paper, that does not sound all that tiring.

But wait …

8 am – wake up (surprisingly tiring act this morning)